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Keynote Speaker

Eric M. Ellis, M.A.













Eric Ellis is President and CEO of Integrity Development Corporation, a Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Firm providing strategic corporate culture and learning solutions for multinational organizations, mid-sized businesses, educational institutions and public sector organizations. Eric is an accomplished business leader who has shaped high-performing cultures at Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, healthcare and consumer products industries. He is viewed as a thought leader who effectively collaborates with internal diversity practitioners and HR Leaders to develop and implement innovative D&I solutions.


Eric’s expertise is leveraged to coach organizational leaders on retention issues/strategies, tal-ent development initiatives, training, and development processes and courses utilizing a stake-holder-centric, client satisfaction approach. He has been described as a Master communicator for his ability to effectively collaborate with front line workers, protestors, Law Enforcement and C-Suite leaders to achieve positive results, even from those previously described as adversaries.

His firm has been recognized as the Minority Business of the Year for the State of Ohio by the National Minority Suppli-er Development Council. He received the NAACP President’s Award in addition to many other leadership and business awards. He is a member of the SHRM Inclusion & Diversity Expert Panel. His client list has included some of the most admired organizations in our nation, including: Toyota, Honda, L3 Technologies, Johnson & Johnson, Xavier University, the CIA, Plante Moran, the United States Air Force, and many law enforcement agencies, including the Cincinnati Police Department. Integrity Development’s strategic solutions have helped to resolve some of the most significant diversity and inclusion challenges these organizations faced.


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