Brett Eastburn

Brett Eastburn was born with a condition he calls Quadmembral Limbs Deficiency, basically he has no arms and legs.

Some of Brett’s physical accomplishments include: 4th in nation AAU freestyle, Martial Arts practitioner, Nationally recognized artist. Enjoys swimming, football, basketball, darts, playing pool, target shooting and hunting.

Brett began speaking professionally in 1990. He has done over 4,000 presentations/shows worldwide to over 1 million people. Brett is a “stand-up” comedian who has performed in clubs and colleges. He has presented in; Okinawa, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Aruba, Panama, and from coast to coast in the USA.

Brett has performed for: AFFLAC, KIWANNIS International, Caterpillar, Notre Dame, Jaycee’s, Indiana State Police, Military personnel, Indiana & Purdue University, T.E.D. X Talks, and has been on CNN, Fox and Associated Press

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Ironton, OH 45638

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