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10:45 – 11:45

Workshop 1: Inclusive voices in marginalized spaces: Moving beyond diversity to inclusivity in leadership

Description: Inclusive voices in marginalized spaces acknowledge that historically underrepresented groups, especially those in leadership roles, have been excluded from voicing their perspectives in decision-making, and efforts to help shape the workplace climate. Historically marginalized voices in leadership, exclude individuals whose voices have either been ignored, silenced, or talked over based on personal identities (LGBT+, women, people of color, age, and disability, etc.). Moving beyond diversity to a framework of inclusivity in leadership refers to recognizing culture and the behaviors and social norms that ensure people feel welcome. People have a fundamental need to experience a sense of inclusion while being valued for the diversities they possess as an individual. Psychological safety ensures that everyone can be their authentic selves, while offering their knowledge and experiences with others. Inclusivity offers an opportunity to focus on the capabilities of everyone without assumptions, stereotypes, or stigmas. 


Facilitators: Georgiana Logan, Assistant Professor/Research Associate/Director Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Program; LaDawna Walker-Dean, Antione Martin, Marshall University, Great Lakes Bay Health Centers/Wayne State University
Workshop 2: Thanks for The Feedback on My White (and other assorted) Fragility

Description: Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen's book "Thanks for the Feedback," offers an insightful analysis of why we can sometimes resist hearing the feedback we need to hear.  When those ideas are applied to Robin DiAngelo's idea of "White Fragility", it suggests a method for helping privileged people genuinely learn about social justice issues.

Facilitators: Jim Sands, Housing and Residence Life, Ohio University; Mac Stricklen, Ombudsman Office, Ohio University
Workshop 3: The Story of the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion and World War II: Black Female Excellence and Leadership in Action

Description: World War II (WWII) saw many changes for women and the military. During WWII women’s roles in the military transitioned from volunteer without inclusion to accepted members of the service. One group of women led by Major Charity Adams defied all odds and made history as the only all-female, all Black battalion to serve overseas during WWII. The 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion would lead by example and break records and expectations of the abilities of Black female soldiers.


Facilitator: Dr. Teresa McKenzie, Accessibility and Veterans Services Coordinator, Ohio University Southern


Workshop 4: Building Relationships through Communication

We will break the ice by exploring our uniqueness as individuals, this will allow the participants to increase our understanding of themselves and others. Then we will break down the four levels of communication.  Through dissecting the four ways of communication we will gain a better understanding of how information is interpreted by another individual.  Finally, the presenter will share a cultural tool that has been proven to promote a safe and inviting atmosphere!

Facilitator: Hakim Oliver, Intervention Specialist, Mason City Schools

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